This Never Happens When You Vacation in Canada Timeshare

Camping and getting back to nature is wonderful fun, but sometimes, a person can experience too much of a good thing, which may be the case for Stuart Nelson.

Nelson, a veterinarian from Idaho, was enjoying a solo wilderness trip into the Yukon Territory of Canada when he lost his kayak in a strainer, which is any river or stream obstacle (often a tree) that lets water and small items flow by, but catches larger items such as kayaks. Specifically, the strainer that disrupted Nelson’s plans was called a ‘sweeper’ because it is actually an evergreen tree that once grew close to the bank, but has since fallen over into the river, because of erosion along the shoreline. When the kayak was lost, so were Nelson’s food, camping gear, and satellite phone.

But this traveler, was no rookie to the great outdoors. He was prepared, having kept on his body, essential gear to sustain him in just such an event. He carried on his person, a knife, snare wire, a space blanket, sterno can, three fishing lures, fishing line, iodine, and a signal mirror. As Nelson explains, “The most important thing you need to remember about survival gear is that it’s not survival gear if it’s not on your body.”

Stuart Nelson’s plan worked, because with just these limited items, he stayed alive and healthy for 15 days before a group of hikers rescued him. Despite the environment, the cold temperatures, grizzly bears, and Nelson’s challenges in fire building which left him eating the salmon he caught like sushi, he survived the ordeal quite well.

And although this traveler’s story has nothing to do with timeshares or fractionals, it is a great survival story with a very happy ending.

It also allows The Timeshare Authority Blog to remind you that Canada timeshares offer you many venues for exploring the great northwest all of which will still let you sleep in a warm, dry, and comfortable bed, every night.

Resource: The Bonner County Daily Bee