TATOC Timeshare Association Refutes Alliance with Global

Learn more about TATOC Timeshare AssociationTATOC the Timeshare Alliance wants you, and all consumers to understand that it is not connected with a Spanish timeshare company by the name of Global, despite what Global’s representatives may imply or state.

Harry Taylor, TATOC CEO explains, “If we ever form an alliance with an organisation, we inform our membership in advance of any activities taking place. No agreement has been made between TATOC and Global and timeshare owners should be wary.”

Reportedly timeshare owners are being contacted by Global’s representatives who tell them that a catalog of maintenance problems at Crown Resorts have been reported by TATOC. Taylor, wants it clearly understood that TATOC has made no such report, and in fact, Crown Resorts recently received TATOC Accreditation for high standards.

The supposition is that Global is trying to discredit Crown Resorts while implying its own alliance with TATOC. To this, Harry Taylor observes, “It is an interesting indicator of TATOC’s increasing importance in the timeshare arena that the TATOC name is being used in this way.”

TATOC advises timeshare owners to be vigilant in determining the authenticity of timeshare information they receive. To learn more about TATOC and the services and protections they provide to European timeshare owners, visit the association’s website at: www.timeshareassociation.org

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