Your Timeshare Vacation Won’t Get in the Way of Your New Year’s Resolution Diet

If you are like millions of other people, the start of a new year means a resolution to exercise more and eat better—perhaps even eat less.

Sticking to that resolution gets a little easier as the holiday season passes. You will likely have fewer parties and family dinners to tempt you, fewer encounters with eggnog, chocolate fudge and pecan pie. But as anyone who ever made this resolution before knows, anything that takes you outside your normal routine can challenge your resolve to stay on that healthful diet.

Stick to Your Diet on Your Timeshare Vacation

Here’s the good news: your timeshare vacation doesn’t have to be one of your diet challenges! With a timeshare resale or timeshare rental, you can go on vacation and stick to your new diet plan because typically, your timeshare will include a full and functional kitchen; no more trying to find low fat or low carb solutions on a restaurant menu.

Timeshare Kitchens and Eat-In Dining Make a Healthful Diet Plan Easier

A timeshare vacation gives you the option to plan your meals in the same way you would at home. Shop at a grocery or market after you arrive. In top tourism destination Orlando, for example, you will find both Whole Foods Markets and Chamberlin’s markets offering organic fare and conveniently located near the attractions and Orlando timeshares.

If you are concerned about whether your timeshare resale or timeshare rental will include a specific cooking tool, contact the resort before you travel for a detailed list of kitchen items. That way, if you feel you must have a steamer, colander or other designated cooking implement that your timeshare does not include, you can plan either to bring one with you or to purchase one at a nearby store after you arrive.

Not only does a timeshare vacation make it easier to stick to your new year’s diet plan, but the enticing opportunities for fresh air and exercise could make it a vacation in which you actually lose weight instead of gain.