Marriott Timeshare Development Hits Opposition in Orlando

Orlando ABC affiliate WFTV has reported that Marriott Vacation Club’s new timeshare plans are drawing opposition from some area residents.

Reportedly, Marriott Vacation Club International (Marriott timeshare) wants to build a 22-story timeshare tower on Lake Willis, near Sea World. The resort’s original design called for the expansion to be done with more buildings at shorter heights. As a cost saving measure, Marriott timeshare now seeks to build the units in a single, high-rise tower.

Most of the land around Lake Willis is environmentally protected land and is therefore zoned so that no building can be more than 100 feet tall. And most of the current buildings along the lake are only around 75 feet tall. But the section of land owned by Marriott is not part of these restrictions. Residents and zoning officials are hoping that Marriott will voluntarily limit the height of the development to not more than 200 feet, graciously allowing the construction to rise twice as tall as any other property around the lake.

The new property would reportedly create some 350 hotel rooms and over 1100 timeshare units. As homeowners continue to bombard both Marriott corporate and government officials with phone calls and letters, a community meeting has been scheduled for the near future.

Follow this link to view the WFTV news story about these controversial timeshares: HERE.