Club Intrawest Resorts Timeshare Resales Let You Be a Member of the Club

The Bay Club at Waikoloa Beach Resort TimeshareClub Intrawest is a one of the top resort clubs in North America, with 18 popular resorts from Sandestin, Florida to Whistler to Zihuatanejo, Mexico to the Big Island in Hawaii. Each of the 16 Intrawest timeshare resorts offers a signature attraction, whether that is beach, skiing, golf, or properties such as those in Orlando that are situated at the heart of some of the world’s most popular vacation attractions.

Club Intrawest Vacation Club Membership

With Club Intrawest timeshare membership, you don’t have to choose between owning timeshare at a ski resort or on the beach. Club Intrawest timeshare or resort club members own vacation points, called “Resort Points,” that enable them to enjoy vacations both at Club Intrawest resorts and at all of the Club Intrawest networked resorts. Your vacation club membership makes it easy to enjoy both. All Club Intrawest resorts are part of RCI timeshare exchange; many are also affiliated with Interval International timeshare exchange as well. With Club Intrawest timeshare, you even have the option to use your vacation club points for hotels and cruises.

When you buy a Club Intrawest timeshare resale, you are purchasing the benefits of timeshare ownership (or in this case vacation club membership), but you are buying timeshare from a current owner, typically at a great savings to you. And you may be surprised to learn, but Club Intrawest timeshare is also available as timeshare rental, too.