The Today Show Says Now is the Golden Opportunity for Timeshare Buyers

While the Monday May 23, edition of the Today Show shows how competitive it can be to resell a timeshare, it also points out that the downturn economy is a golden opportunity for timeshare buyers.

With $160,445,113 in offers to buy or rent timeshare through Sell My Timeshare NOW and Timeshare Broker Services so far in this year alone—(yes, you read that right—that’s over $160 MILLION in offers) we clearly know that reselling timeshare is possible, especially with the right internet marketing to help you. And reselling a timeshare from branded hospitality providers, such as Marriott Vacation Club timeshares, Disney timeshares, Hilton timeshares, or other names people know and value from the hotel industry, is typically easier to do than selling older timeshares or timeshares as less popular locations.

But within every challenge, there is always a silver lining, or what the Today Show calls that “golden opportunity.” Timeshare resales offer you the chance to lock-in the cost of your accommodations for many happy years of future vacations. Typically your timeshare will be more spacious than a hotel room and you will find timeshares located across the country and around the world at popular vacation destinations. And as the Today Show points out, now is the perfect time to buy timeshare.

Click here to see this segment from the Today Show, which includes comments about Be sure to click on the video to play that says: for timeshare owners, desperate times…