Timeshare Rebranded as Sol Melia Vacation Club Becomes Club Melia

Sol Meliá Vacation Club (SMVC) has officially launched Club Meliá as its new rebranding. The name change comes as part of the rebranding of Sol Meliá Hotels & Resorts to become Meliá Hotels International.

Denis Ebrill, Executive Vice President of Club Meliá explains, “We are extremely proud and excited about our new name, new look, new branding and positioning. It’s an upscale, updated and impactful way to say in a couple words who we are and what we do, while being joined at the hip with the new positioning of our corporate office in Spain. We have a lot of exciting things to achieve this year and our new name and new look is the driving force behind it.”

With 14 member resorts, and 27 associated resorts, Club Meliá currently has 27,000 members. While the vacation club is based in the timeshare capital of the world, Orlando, Florida, Meliá Hotels International is headquartered in Spain. The 55-year-old international hospitality company has over 300 hotels in 26 countries on four continents.

To get a better feel for the luxury and beauty of Club Meliá, watch this video of Sol Melia Cozumel, from RCI Timeshare videos

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