Timeshare Alleviates Problems That May Happen with a Home Away from Home

Renting a private home for vacation has always been an option and some people feel that vacationing in a private home is in fact, a real home away from home experience.

But a recent article in SouthCoastToday.com (SouthCoast 411) brought attention to some of the pitfalls of renting privately and planning a home away from home vacation. The article advises consumers that they should “exercise caution to avoid falling victim to a scam.”

Vacation home away from home scammers may use photos and names ‘stolen’ from other website to create an online ad designed to trick vacationers. They will take your money to rent a property to which they have no access and no authority to rent.

Even when you are not being deliberately scammed, privately renting a vacation home can leave you dealing with problems that no one wants to face, especially during vacation time.

  • What if the property owner’s idea of luxurious or beachfront differs greatly from your own?
  • Will you have someone around to assist you if the air conditioner stops working or the plumbing backs up?
  • How secure is the home and how safe are you when staying there?
  • How clean is the home?
  • Do you have adequate bed linens, towels, and other necessities?
  • What is your liability if someone gets hurt on the property during the time you are vacationing there?

Timeshare Rentals Eliminate Concerns

Let’s face it, no one wants to spend his or her vacation in a substandard venue or dealing with a backed up toilet. Renting timeshare directly from the current owner is a easy way to enjoy the spacious accommodations of a timeshare condo while feeling safe and assured that the property is secure, maintained, and should any dilemma arise—has staff on hand to solve the problems for you.

Find out how easy it is to rent vacation property by talking to the timeshare rental specialists at Sell My Timeshare NOW. 1-877-815-4227