Ocean City, Maryland Timeshare

Pick an Ocean City, Maryland timeshare and you could be amazed by how much there is to enjoy in the beautiful state of Maryland. For example, did you know that the state of Maryland has a public park that is accessible only by water? St. Clements Island State Park is a 40-acre park that memorializes the spot where the British sailing ships, The Ark and the Dove, dropped anchor in 1634, and whose passengers became, essentially, the first residents of the state of Maryland.

A 26-passenger boat, the Water Taxi II, is US Coast Guard certified for touring and available for boat tours to and from the historic St. Clements Island State Park every weekend from June through September. The water taxi departs from the St. Clement’s Island-Potomac River Museum on a regular schedule throughout the day.

But St. Clements Island State Park is only one of the many unique experiences you and your family can enjoy during a Maryland timeshare resale or Maryland timeshare rental vacation.

Lucayan Condominiums timeshare resales.Every summer, Maryland hosts wonderful seafood festivals along its shores, with many still ahead for the Summer of 2011. Seafood lovers may want to look into: the Annapolis Crab Feast (August 5, 2011); the Havre de Grace Seafood Festival (August 12 – 14, 2011); the Seafood Feast-I-Val (August 13, 2011; the Chesapeake Crab & Beer Festival (August 20, 2011 at the Waterfront at National Harbor) and the Maryland Seafood Festival (September 10-11, 2011 in Annapolis) to name only a few.

For activities that may take you away from the Maryland shoreline look for hubs of culture and creativity in Maryland that will be identified to you by the designation: “Arts & Entertainment Districts.” In these charming locations, expect to find outstanding art, theater, art, dining and shopping. Click here to find a complete list of officially recognized Maryland Arts & Entertainment Districts

 Vacation in an Ocean City, Maryland Timeshare

Maryland is a unique state for planning a timeshare vacation. Many Maryland timeshares can be found in the seaside resort town of Ocean City. Bordered on three sides by water, Ocean City timeshares are ideal for a classic beach vacation experience with plenty of water sports and boardwalk activities.

But Maryland offers a range of terrain and environments, and with that, a great variety in the types of vacations you can plan there. Whether you choose an Ocean City timeshare resale, or you vacation in the Appalachian Mountains, or anywhere in between from charming small towns to historic venues, Maryland is great (and sometimes overlooked ) place for planning a family vacation or a weekend getaway.