Sell My Timeshare NOW Sponsors Cruise at Fractional Summit USA

On Tuesday, August 30, at the Fractional Summit USA, held in Miami, Florida, Sell My Timeshare NOW was pleased to sponsor the evening’s Tikki Beach Boat Cruise.

The Tikki Beach is a floating party boat that allowed Fractional Summit USA attendees to cruise along the Miami coastline, relax, interact, forge new business relationships, and enjoys a party atmosphere. The unique boat accommodates 150 guests and includes two large bars, a DJ booth, cabana beds, a dance floor, seating for over 100, cabana beds, palm trees, along with faux grass and real sand.

We embarked on our cruise around 7PM. Attire for the evening was “Your best tropical wear,” which mean we all looked cruise-ready.

Fractional Summit USA event manager Tracey Carter explained, “We are always looking for value-added experiences to make our conferences special, and to ensure our delegates remember them.”

In general, the Tikki Beach Cruises offered a great way for people to relax, get to know each other better, and for fractional and timeshare real estate professionals to make new contacts and build new relationships.

After all, work doesn’t always have to feel like, “work,” does it?