Miss Out on Labor Day Vacation? Take a Timeshare Vacation Now

You may be feeling bummed if you spent Labor Day weekend at home, perhaps thinking you have hit an all-time low cleaning the garage this weekend or sitting on the couch watching rerun marathons of your favorite TV dramas.

Don’t despair! Not only is there still time to get in on a great end-of-summer vacation, but it may work to your advantage to have waited.

Genevieve Shaw Brown of Travelocity reported to NBC News that after Labor Day, travel prices typically drop. She points out that, “it’s a particularly good time, for example to go to Europe when the weather’s still good and the prices are about 20-to-30 percent less than you find in the summer months.”

Why it’s a Good Time to Take a Late Summer Timeshare Vacation

Actually, there are several advantages to being a late summer – early fall traveler. For starters, the crowds have declined everywhere. While many school systems have staggered vacations schedules, almost no one is on holiday in September. And although many parents don’t hesitate to pull their kids out of school, even when it is not a school holiday, they are less likely to do so in September when most students are just getting into the swing of school routines and fall activities.

Another reason that the travel destinations are less crowded right now is because the fall sports season is ramping up. Families that last month might have spent Saturday headed for the beach or the theme park will often now be headed for the football game, leaving the beaches and the theme parks less crowded and more enjoyable for you.

Best of all, because restaurants, gift shops, and other attractions are feeling the September slump, if you travel now, you will likely encounter lots of discounts, special prices, and old-fashioned good deals.

So now that your garage is clean and you have watched more than a year’s worth of NCIS reruns, don’t you think you have earned that getaway vacation you’ve been putting off?

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