Honor. Resolve. Remembrance.

In Marriott’s headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland, a mounted and framed Marriott flag hangs in the lobby.

This is not just any red and white Marriott logoed flag; this is the precise flag that was flying on September 11, 2001, at the Marriott hotel located at Number 3, World Trade Center. As the world knows, the 22-story hotel was part of the complex, connected by passageways to both Tower 1 and Tower 2.

In the massive cleanup that followed the 9-11 attack, this Marriott flag was removed from the rubble. Currently it is on display with a plaque beside it that reads:

Our Spirit to Serve

From sacrifice … honor

From adversity … resolve

From grief … remembrance


In the future the flag will be displayed at the New York Marriott Downtown Hotel, which is located only a block from the 9/11 Memorial. When the 9/11 Museum opens on the site of Ground Zero, the Marriott flag will likely be displayed there as part of the permanent exhibit.

Honor. Resolve. Remembrance.

American strength and fortitude in the face of global tragedy.