Without Timeshare Real Estate, Investor May Not Back Ski Development

Note from The Timeshare Authority blog: While the following news item is of potential interest to New England residents and those who enjoy ski vacations in the Nutmeg Alps of Connecticut, it is also of broader interest because it indicates one of the many ways that timeshares can strengthen the economy and benefit communities.

According to the East Hampton-Portland Patch, the Town of Middlefield, Connecticut, seems to have lost the interest of at least one investor who was considering Powder Ridge ski area—that is, unless the deal includes a timeshare real estate component.

Rick Sabatino, a former consultant to Alpine Ridge LLC, and his business partner Dave Perry, have been trying to determine if the current agreement between Middlefield and Alpine would permit the development of timeshare units at Powder Ridge.

Sabatino was quoted as saying, “The investor would take another look at it if there were timeshares available.”

The Town’s First Selectman, Jon Brayshaw, has reportedly expressed concern over the Town appearing to work exclusively with any one group who might be expressing interest in the property, saying that there are, “other people in the mix.”

A visit to the Powder Ridge Ski Area website found the following message:

We are sorry to announce that Powder Ridge will not be opening this year as originally expected, pending sale of the area.
Those that have recently ordered season passes should be advised that their orders have not been processed to their credit cards.
You have not been charged. Thank you for your support of the area and we apologize for the inconvenience.

The Powder Ridge Ski Area also includes the following email address as its contact information for anyone with questions:  [email protected]

NOTE: This ski area should not be confused with the popular Utah ski destination, also called Powder Ridge. Powder Ridge Village Timeshare (Utah)