Florida Tourism and Florida Timeshares Important for the Economy

The state of Florida’s marketing agency, Visit Florida, has reported that tourism in the sunshine state was up five percent for the third quarter of 2011. More than 20 million vacationers visited Florida between July and September of this year.

Visit Florida President and CEO Chris Thompson, says, “I think we’re to a point where people can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I think that’s helping travel. Travel held up even through the toughest part of the last three or four years. But now we’re starting to see some pent-up demand that’s really turning things around.”

Travel, Tourism, and Florida Timeshares

Over one million Floridians are employed in the travel, tourism, hospitality and timeshare industry. Florida travel and related job sectors have added over 50,000 jobs this year and this growth is part of 16 consecutive months of job gains in Florida tourism.

Whether or not you vacation in Florida, the news of improving travel and tourism in the state is important. Overall, it is a great reflection on the national and even international economy.

As people regain confidence in the economy, we see it reflected in what they spend for trips, holidays, timeshare vacations, and even in the fact that they are taking vacations at all. And with more timeshares located in the state of Florida than anywhere else in the country, tourism returning to the Florida is especially significant.

Other significant markets for Florida tourism and Florida timeshares include international travelers from the United Kingdom and most importantly, from Brazil. More than a million Brazilian tourists have vacationed in Florida this past year and have spent over a billion and half dollars doing so… money that is important in helping to revive the state’s economic picture.

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