The Timeshare Opportunity Meeting Planners are Missing

Let’s face it; every company in America—perhaps the world—is trying to save money these days. While the days of unbridled corporate travel may be gone, it’s good to learn that  a new American Express Meetings & Events report indicates many companies will book more meetings in 2012.

Although 60 percent of meeting suppliers expect the number of meetings planned to increase and 42 percent of North American meeting planners see increased activity in meeting planning, corporate expenditures and travel budgets are expected to increase little, if any.

Meeting planners will instead be tasked with doing more with less. Look for meetings to last fewer days and be scheduled closer to home, cutting the cost of air travel and the duration employees are absent from the office. Meeting attendees will also see the trend to do more with less reflected in their meeting agendas with daily sessions lasting longer and evenings even becoming prime meeting hours rather than free time.

But many meeting planners, as they strive to save their client’s dollars, are missing the opportunity to spend less and offer more because they fail to consider timeshare resorts and timeshare rentals as meeting venues and meeting accommodations.

Timeshares are a Meeting Planner’s Solution

Business travelers typically hate being booked into a shared hotel room with their colleagues or coworkers. Most of us don’t want to know who among the office crowd snores, watches TV all night, or sleeps with the light on. Sharing a standard hotel room can be painfully close quarters when it comes to business venues, but a timeshare could alleviate that.

For the cost of, or even less than, a hotel room, a company can rent timeshares for business travel. Employees can share timeshare suites or condos while the company saves dollars, and yet both will benefit. Timeshare units are easily available with two, three, and sometimes even four separate and private bedrooms. Typically, each bedroom has its own television and its own bathroom.

Additionally, business meeting scheduling does not follow the same calendar as do family vacations, meaning that at the time a timeshare resort may have the fewest family vacationers and the greatest availability, could be exactly when a business is scheduling its next meeting.

Companies that return to the same location year after year may even realize a savings by buying timeshare resales. The right timeshare can be a great solution for business travel, meeting accommodations, rewarding a client or employee or even hosting guests who visit company headquarters.