Could Your Timeshare Vacation be Delayed by Your Sparkly Sweater?

All sorts of things seem to interfere with people getting off on vacation but most of us would never expect to be slowed down by a sweater or a pair of blue jeans.

The truth is, the sweater you wear when you travel by plane to your holiday or vacation destination could turn into a TSA checkpoint headache. Not only do holiday sweaters with obvious metallic trim like jingle bells or battery powered mini lights set off security metal detectors, so can all those sparkly tops that contain metallic threads.

You may be unaware of this potential problem if it has never happened to you, but it happens to travelers more and more frequently and it is not limited to holiday-themed clothing nor only a problem for female travelers. Jeans with heavy studding, certain cargo pants or bomber jackets can set off airport security devices if they are heavily embellished with metal buttons or zippers.

Pre-Planning, Timeshares, and Other Ways to Simplify Vacations

While a hand search or pat down by a security agent won’t derail most travelers or ruin your vacation plans, for most of us, getting away for a holiday is challenging enough without adding any extra annoyances at the airport. Avoid hassles with a little pre-travel wardrobe planning. Pack light and try to simplify and streamline what you carry on board.

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