Could Your Yard Go Disney and Your Vacations Go Disney Timeshare?

The popular new HGTV series, “My Yard Goes Disney” is back for another year. This season, the show will air 11 makeovers, which means 11 lucky families will get a chance to bring amazing Disney magic to their home’s landscape.

Here’s how the show works:

Families that love Disney, feel a special connection with all things Disney, and would like to feel a little more Disney magic in their lives can apply for a backyard transformation.

For this season’s selections, applicants must live in the Orlando, Florida area.

Applying is as easy as completing this application; including a photo of your family and a wide photo of your backyard. But if you really want a Disney-fied landscape, you must act soon. All applications are due by January 30, 2012.

But what about everyone who doesn’t own their own home, get selected for the show, live in Orlando, or for whatever reason, does not make the cut at the My Yard Goes Disney casting call?

You can still have plenty of Disney magic in your “backyard” with a Disney Vacation Club timeshare. When you buy or rent Disney Vacation Club timeshares, you can enjoy the grandest Disney backyard ever, and best of all, it’s one really big, really fun backyard, but you’ll never have to mow the grass there yourself.

Disney Vacation Club Timeshare for a Really Big Disney Backyard

Disney Vacation Club offers some of the most popular timeshares available today. A Disney timeshare means you own (or rent) your own little piece of Disney.

DVC is a points-based vacation ownership program through which Disney DVC Points can be redeemed at many different Disney resort destinations. As a Disney Vacation Club member, you can choose the destination and resort, how long to stay and the size of your accommodations. Disney timeshare owners are never locked-in at one resort or one scheduled week; it’s Disney park vacationing at its best.

And after all,  who wouldn’t like to claim a little bit of Disney’s backyard as their very own?