Last Minute Timeshare Rentals for Last Minute Shopping and Long Lasting Memories

The number of reasons you may be (or should be) shopping for a vacation rental right now are numerous. Perhaps you are traveling for the holidays. Maybe you want to ring in 2012 in a very special place this year. You might simply be in seasonal overload and in search of a getaway. Or this could be the year you’ve decided to give a gift to create memories that last long after other gifts have been unwrapped and set aside.

But you may not realize that you can give (or enjoy) a vacation getaway so affordably by taking advantage of a timeshare rental.

Frankly, those of us in the timeshare industry and vacationers who have discovered the value of timeshare rentals are always amazed that so many smart travelers don’t know about the great deals in renting timeshares.

Timeshare Rentals Save You Money

There is no getting around it. Timeshare rentals are one of the most economical options for vacation accommodations.


Because current timeshare owners who cannot take advantage of their vacation ownership this year, and don’t plan to bank or exchange their timeshare, are typically thrilled to rent their timeshare unit. And the prices to rent timeshare can be very competitive. Owners recognize that renting their timeshare to you—at even a very low rate—brings in money to them, as opposed to leaving the unit unrented where the owner nets no funds at all.

The money you pay to enjoy someone else’s timeshare as a rental property is money that helps that person offset or even cover his cost of annual ownership fees. Timeshare rental is a win-win for both the owner and the vacationer enjoying the rental.

Timeshare Rentals are a Vacation Accommodations Upgrade

Sure, you and your family can vacation in a standard hotel room. You can sit on the bed and eat takeout food, washing your drinking glasses in the bathroom sink. When the kids want to watch that corny comedy movie for the zillionth time, you can put your pillow over your head and try to ignore it. And if your teenager ever gets out of the shower, you can have your turn in the bathroom you and the family are sharing. …Or you can rent timeshare and spread out and be comfortable.

Timeshares are designed to comfortably accommodate families, sleeping four, six, some even ten or twelve people. Many offer kitchens, dining tables, multiple bedrooms, multiple baths, and even multiple televisions. Often your timeshare unit will include a balcony or patio and many even have washers and dryers.

Why be cramped, why be crowded, and why do without the comforts of home when you can enjoy an affordably priced timeshare rental?

Timeshare Rentals are Easy to Book

Timeshare rentals have always been easy to schedule. You can search for your rental by destination, resort, activities you’d like to enjoy, rental price, or date. You can refine your search to include the number of bedrooms you require, the season, usage type, nearby amenities, even details as specific as whether your timeshare unit has a fireplace or a dishwasher.

Visit our last minute timeshare rentals, and you will be viewing vacation rentals that are available to you to book and enjoy within the next 21 days. Or plan long range by searching timeshare rentals, from an inventory of over 17,000 possibilities.

Timeshare rentals are easy to book, and with so many great destinations and amenities, they are even easier to enjoy. Best of all, you won’t believe how affordable the rates are.

So as you are wrapping up your holiday shopping list, why not add one item that is sure to become either a gift to remember for a lifetime, or the best present you ever gave yourself?