For Timeshare Legislation, March Roars in Like a Lion

Barely a week and a half into the month and already March has come roaring in like a lion for with new timeshare legislation in the works. Here are actions and updates on what State lawmakers are doing across the country to improve timeshare ownership and strengthen the timeshare industry.

Pending Timeshare Legislation

Hawaii Timeshare: On March 5, Senator Rosalyn H. Baker (Roz Baker) introduced Hawaii SB 2632 into the Hawaii legislature. The intent of the bill is to expedite the process of moving all timeshare interests into public records by automatically deregistering those timeshare interests that currently reside in Land Court. The bill passed its three assigned Senate committees and will now move to the Senate floor. It is scheduled to be heard by TOU (Committee on Tourism) today, Monday, 3-12-2012. (Read SB 2632)

Florida Timeshare: On March 9, the Florida Timeshare Resale Accountability Act, sponsored by Florida State Senator Andy Gardiner and Florida State Representative Eric Eisnaugle, and supported by Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, received final approvals and is now awaiting approval by Governor Rick Scott. This Bill provides greater consumer protection against fraudulent and deceptive business practices and is expected to have substantial influence on the guidelines lawmakers use regarding timeshare sales and timeshare resales in many other states. (Read CS/CS/CS HB 1001)

Virginia Timeshare: On March 6, Virginia HB 233 and HB 234 passed both Houses. HB 233 requires any reseller of a timeshare in Virginia to be registered with the Common Interest Community Board, making the timeshare reseller subject to the regulatory authority of the Board. The bill also requires timeshare resellers to make written disclosures to the timeshare buyer about the timeshare, along with other acknowledgments that must become part of the timeshare resale transaction. HB 234 specifically deals with timeshare resale by HOAs. (Read HB 233 and HB 234)

Arizona Timeshare: On March 7, Arizona HB 219, sponsored by Rep. Jim Weiers,  passed the Senate Commerce and Energy Committee and was approved by the Senate in a 5-0 vote. The bill permits permit timeshare developers to use an expedited filing process for amendments to their Arizona registrations; 15 business days for most amendments and 30 calendar days for adding six or more component sites. This bill was previously amended and passed the House on February 9. (Read HB 2195 and its accompanying clarifying amendment)

Utah Timeshare: On March 7, HB 191, the Utah Timeshare Act, was approved by both the Utah Senate and House and been sent to Governor Gary R. Herbert for his approval. The bill revises the outdated Utah Timeshare and Camp Resort Act, which was originally passed in 1987, but no longer reflects the state of the timeshare industry or address the products now offered. The bill will also improve protection for the personal information of timeshare owners. (Read HB 191)

ARDA and The ARDA-Resort Owners’ Coalition (ARDA-ROC) have been proactively involved in the development and advancement of these Bills. Learn more at:  ARDA Government Affairs

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