Sell My Timeshare NOW Has Raving Fans

We hear from many of our clients, praising our team at Sell My Timeshare NOW and Timeshare Broker Services. They call, email, and write us letters telling us what a good job we did and how they appreciate our service. But Jill’s letter stood out–actually Jill stood out.

Not only was she a lot of fun to work with, but she was upfront in telling us that the bad reputation of some timeshare companies made her nervous to do business with ANY timeshare company.

We understood. So we tried to do everything we we could, just as we do with all our clients, to assuage her concerns, eliminate her anxieties and ensure that she and her family enjoyed a vacation that was all that they wanted and more than they expected.

Jill is a delightful client and we are proud to be able to serve her. And she is far from alone. We serve many wonderful Jills… and Jacks… every day.

In a world where “thank you” is no longer said enough, we’d like to proudly share Jill’s  comments with you, and to say: “Thank you Jill and thank you to all our clients for entrusting us with your business and giving us the opportunity to help you make great vacation memories.”

Good Morning,

I just wanted to take a moment to commend your rental staff at Sell My Timeshare Now.  To make a very long story short, I am extremely reluctant to use just any timeshare rental due to the many scammers that exist in the timeshare industry today.

Although, when our family decided we wanted to go on a vacation and rent a timeshare I knew my choice would be your company.  Due to the fact, two years ago I had the pleasure of working with Beth *** and Kevin *** and we had a tremendously happy experience.

For my new rental, to be used this summer, Kevin went above and beyond to assist me and providing me in great hands with Wesley ***.  Wesley and Kevin went above and beyond to help me reserve the rental location my family enjoys visiting in Orlando, FL (Marriott’s Harbour Lake).  I contacted them numerous times to make sure everything was ok and to be reassured that the rental I was paying for would be legitimate.

I did have another rental company (timeshare) alternative to rent from, even at a lower price, but my choice is and will always be to rent from your company, due to the comfort of knowing you have a reputable company and there is always someone there to assist me as well as the exceptional customer service provided by your employees.  I know we will have a wonderful summer vacation thanks to your outstanding staff.  I will definitely be a return customer next time a fun and relaxing vacation is calling our name


Jill S.