Island One Timeshare Restructured, Owners Continued to Enjoy Great Vacation Ownership


Liki Tiki Village at Island One

It’s been nearly a year since Island One Resorts (Island One timeshare) and its Island One Resorts Hospitality Group (IORHG) management affiliate successfully emerged from a Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring.

During the process, the company retained operations of its eight Florida timeshare resorts, while divesting some inventory and assets, including Chenay Bay Beach Resort in St. Croix. Additionally during this time, Island One Resorts expanded its reach, partnering with Diamond Resorts on a fee-for-service basis in the sales of Club Navigo and Island One memberships.

Island One Timeshare Owners: always the Focus

Perhaps the single most important aspect of this period of restructuring for the thirty-plus year old Florida timeshare company is that Island One timeshare owners and timeshare renters have continued  receiving quality customer service and enjoying outstanding vacation experiences as the company has undergone both reorganization and growth. Of additional importance is that communication and interaction with resort homeowner associations (HOAs) has remained strong and effective.

Island One CEO  Sterling Stoudenmire attributes the company’s success during this past year in part to its commitment to communication with its vacation owners, pointing out, “Nothing has changed with regards to their (Island One timeshare owners) being able to enjoy their vacations and Island One Resorts’ excellent services and amenities.”

Island One Florida Timeshare Resorts

Island One Resorts operates eight Florida timeshare resorts: