Sell My Timeshare NOW and the Timeshare for Sale By Owner Choice

There are two trustworthy ways to resell timeshare: (1) by owner or (2) through a licensed Broker.

At our company,, (the companies you formerly knew as and Timeshare Broker Services) we offer timeshare owners a dual option—that is, a choice in whether they choose to sell their timeshare through by owner advertising or choose to use a licensed Broker.

Why this choice? Because timeshare owners can have many types of needs and the timeshares they own come in all brands, sizes, venues, and popularity levels. And now more than ever, when the daily news is filled with accounts of timeshare scam and timeshare resale fraud, it is important for owners, sellers and future sellers to understand which choices are reliable and effective.

Timeshare for Sale By Owner

FSBO –for sale by owner—is a term many people have gained familiarity with through the residential real estate market. Homeowners choose to resell their residential homes themselves for a variety of reasons. Some homeowners have limited or no equity in their properties and cannot afford to pay the commission a real estate Broker would require from the sale. Other owners believe they can show off their property’s features and benefits better than anyone else. Still others have different reasons for wanting to be hands-on in the real estate resale process. And timeshare owners are no different; they select the sell-by-owner option for the same reasons that motivate sellers of residential real estate.

For sale by owner timeshare requires that the owner market his or her timeshare property to an audience of prospective timeshare buyers and that he or she then handle inquiries about the timeshare as well as the negotiations and the steps necessary to bring the transaction to closing. Along the way, the timeshare seller may choose to pay a professional to handle some of these steps on an à la carte basis.

For many timeshare owners, the most challenging part of this process is advertising and marketing the timeshare. How do you get your timeshare real estate in front of a large base of interested buyers?

Typically your best option is to turn to a timeshare company that can offer you high visibility on the internet through a site that targets potential timeshare buyers. Our websites receive more than 1.8 million pageviews per month from website visitors who have demonstrated an interest in buying or renting timeshare.

To maintain this level of visibility takes a team of technology professionals who understand how to analyze search patterns and the behavioral intent of consumers and know how to maximize the internet marketing and optimization strategies necessary to keep your timeshare ad in front of people have demonstrated an interest in buying a timeshare just like yours. It’s a constant process of adjustments, updates, and monitoring, and we think our team is the best in the industry at doing this.

When you choose a timeshare for sale by owner service, expect to pay an upfront fee to advertise your timeshare. Note, this is not a fee to sell your timeshare, which is what  consumer protection agencies rightfully warn against. If you bought advertising space in a magazine for the purpose of privately advertising your timeshare resale, you would have to pay for the space before the magazine ran your ad.  In the same way, timeshare owners are charged a fee to advertise their timeshare on a website.

Marketing your timeshare resale on a high visibility timeshare sales website that has targeted web traffic from prospective buyers is probably the best possible way for you to advertise your timeshare by owner and offers the greatest likelihood your timeshare will sell.

But for sale by owner is not the right choice for all timeshare owners who want to sell their timeshare. In tomorrow’s The Timeshare Authority, we will look at our second option for resales: timeshare Broker sales.