Bluegreen ,Owner of Bluegreen Timeshare, Completes Sale of Bluegreen Communities

Bluegreen Resorts - La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club

Yesterday, the Bluegreen Corporation, owner of Bluegreen timeshare, announced it has completed the sale of its Bluegreen Communities business to Southstar Development Partners, Inc. The reported purchase price was $29 million and what was described by the company as “certain other contingent consideration.” Note that this sale does not involve the Bluegreen timeshare resorts or the timeshare sales, marketing and resort management of the company. In completing this transaction, the company satisfied Bluegreen Communities debt obligations which were primarily associated with its H4BG Communities Facility.

Family Friendly Bluegreen Timeshare

Bluegreen Vacation Club timeshare offers flexible, points-based, deeded vacation ownership plans. Currently the company has over 160,000  timeshare owners and more than 59 owned or managed resorts across the US, in the Caribbean and Hawaii, located at all your favorite places to vacation. Additionally, its vacation ownership members have access to a network of 4,000+ resorts worldwide.

To learn more about the company, visit its website at: You can also read the company’s official media release on the sale on the Wall Street Journal’s Marketwatch

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