Why Some Timeshares are Worth More than Others as Timeshare Resales

Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas

When timeshare owners buy their vacation ownership points or property, they should be buying that timeshare to use and enjoy it, fully understanding that they are buying into a vacation product. Just like the dollars and cents they spend over the years on hotel and motel rooms for vacations, or renting a beach house, cabin or other type of home away from home, they should not be expecting to make money when they eventually do resell their timeshare.

After all, when’s the last time you stayed in a hotel, paid for your hotel room, and then years later were able to resell the experience?

Right… that never happens. And reselling timeshare you bought as new vacation ownership property for a return on your expenditure rarely happens either. You are not likely to ever make money on a timeshare resale.

But you can resell timeshare, despite what some timeshare fraudsters would like you to believe. How quickly you resell and for how much, are the variables. And as anyone who has tried to resell timeshare soon realizes, some timeshares are simply easier to sell than are others.

So let’s look at what makes some timeshares worth more than others as timeshare resales.

Factors that Help or Hurt the Resale Value of Timeshare

First consider some of the factors and qualities that are more likely to add up to a deeply discounted timeshare resale value:

  • If a resort is not well maintained, timeshare resale values dip.
  • If a timeshare interval owned is in a venue or season of atypical use, such as a New England beachside resort in the dead of winter, then the price will drop because the demand is lower. (Note that while the atypical resort/season does not usually sell as quickly, our company does have measured success reselling them. For whatever reason the initial buyer purchased New England beach timeshare in January, there will likely be a resale buyer, sooner or later, who has the same interest.)
  • Likewise, timeshare owned at resorts that are regional, smaller, or belong to a brand that has little name recognition can be harder to sell.

Now, look at the factors that typically contribute to a higher timeshare resale value:

  • Timeshare resales at high-demand vacation locations.
  • Brands that inspire a large base of brand-loyal customers, such as Marriott, Hilton, Disney, Hyatt, Starwood, and other branded hospitality providers.
  • Timeshare owned in peak season at vacation venues, like ski season in Colorado or spring break on the Florida beaches.
  • And timeshare resales that offer the second (third, or even subsequent) buyer flexibility and many or all of the resort benefits the original owner received.

Timeshares are a way to vacation; they are not, and were never intended to be, a way to make money. In the end, timeshare resales are truly a market driven item. The greater interest there is in the timeshare you own and the more you are able to get your timeshare resale in front of the interested target market, the higher resale price you will be able to ask and receive.

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