Florida Timeshare Resales, Insight from Jason Gamel ARDA State Affairs

Jason C. Gamel  Vice President of State Government Affairs
(Jason C. Gamel Vice President of State Government Affairs, ARDA)

Yesterday’s ARDA Insights Blog carried an update written by Jason Gamel, Vice President of State Government Affairs for the American Resort Development Association.

Titled, “The State of Florida: Working Hard for Timeshare Consumers,” the update included insights on what the Florida Office of the Attorney General, Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), and the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACS) are both doing to deal with issues of Florida timeshare resale fraud.

Here is some of the State of Florida is working on to make the timeshare industry stronger and better while protecting the interests of consumers:

· Accomplished the passage of landmark timeshare resales legislation for   Florida

· Made dozens of arrests related to timeshare resale scams

· Spearheaded educational efforts to inform consumers about their rights as timeshare owners

Florida Timeshare Changes

As the state of Florida is home to more timeshare units, more timeshare resorts, and more timeshare company headquarters than any other state in the US, one would expect Florida’s legislative efforts to become a motivator of change if not a template adopted by many other state governments. Already we are seeing indications that this is happening in Colorado and elsewhere.

While these changes tighten down the vacation ownership industry, may increase operational costs for many timeshare companies, and could even deter timeshare sales in the short term, they are beneficial, necessary and long overdue.

Please go to ARDA Insights Blog to read the full article.

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