CRDA Canadian Timeshare Conference … Not Business as Usual

CRDA Timeshare Conference 2012

The message of this year’s Canadian Resort Development Association Annual Timeshare Conference  is the powerful and timely reminder: “It’s not business as usual anymore.”

As Craig M. Nash, Chairman, President, and CEO of Interval Leisure Group has said, it’s, “not your father’s timeshare … The recent financial fiasco has taught us that our traditional way of doing business doesn’t work so well any more … we’ve had to reevaluate our business model, rethink our  product specs, and rechannel our marketing programs. In short, we’ve had to recreate ourselves.”

When Craig Nash says this, it goes without saying that he’s talking about more than, Interval International timeshare exchange; he’s talking about the timeshare and vacation ownership industry as a whole, including Canadian timeshare. Because certainly those who fail to change, fail to reinvent themselves and their businesses in ways that keep them timely and responsive to a changing market place, well, they simply … fail.

CRDA Canadian Resort Development Association Annual Canadian Timeshare Conference 2012

The Resort Development Summit at this year’s CRDA Canadian timeshare conference will bring together some of the top visionaries and most proactive thinkers in the global resort industry.

They will be challenging the way we all think about, and respond to, topics like these and other relevant issues of business today:

·  The ever-changing economic landscape

·  An aging but affluent consumer base

·  The shift to maintenance-free lifestyles

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