Timeshare Rental Surprise

It happened again. Just this week I ran into an intelligent, busy, family-man who likes to vacation and travel. Yet as we talked about timeshares, and I mentioned renting, he looked at me in surprise and said,  “I didn’t know you can rent timeshare.”

Timeshare rental remains one of the vacation ownership industry’s best-kept secrets, despite a lot of effort on our part and others in the timeshare industry to get the secret out.

Here’s what timeshare rental really means:

  • • The discounted prices of timeshare rental means you can enjoy vacations you thought were outside your budget.
  • • Timeshare rentals are available at resorts and destinations worldwide.
  • • You can plan ahead or take advantage of last minute rentals.
  • • Timeshare rentals are available for your multi-week escape or your short-stay getaway. Intervals are negotiable and timeshare rentals can even be available for single night stays.
  • • Timeshare resorts are designed… not just for sleeping like hotels are, but for vacationing. They are built in all the places you love to vacation, both favorite destinations and secluded hideaways. Rich in amenities, pick a timeshare rental that offers water slides and lazy rivers; spa services; great golfing; or any of dozens and dozens of other ways you like to play hard or relax in ease.
  • • Timeshares are spacious. Your days of sharing one room, two beds, and one bath with the rest of your family are over when you take advantage of the many deals on renting timeshare. Choose from studios, to one-, two-, three- even four bedrooms with multiple baths; kitchens and dining areas; TVs and gaming stations; many even offer washers and dryers. Timeshare makes it easy to enjoy the comforts of home at your vacation home away from home.

Don’t be the person who doesn’t know about the opportunities of timeshare rentals. Don’t pay more to experience less by vacationing in hotel accommodations when you and your family or friends could be enjoying timeshare rentals.

Interested in learning more? Follow this link to these Frequently Asked Questions about Timeshare Rentals.