Wyndham Study Reveals Much about Vacation, Hotel, and Timeshare Travel

Wyndham Hotel Group released the findings of a study they did this year surveying over 5600 adults across the US, China, Brazil, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Wyndham Hotel Group, with more than 7200 hotel properties, is the largest hotel company in the world and is part of Wyndham Worldwide, which also includes Wyndham Vacation Ownership ( Wyndham timeshare ).

The goal of the survey was to better understand the evolving travel habits of Wyndham’s global hotel guests. The study was conducted during a ten-day period in April 2012 by IFOP Asia.

Here’s an look at some of the interesting findings of the survey:

Length of vacation time varies by country.   

• Chinese travelers vacation, on average, five days at a time or fewer.

• US and Brazilian travelers vacation from three to seven days at a time.

• United Kingdom vacationers travel for two weeks or more when they take a vacation.

Different factors influence different travelers.

• US vacationers are most influenced in their choice of a hotel by price, then location, then hotel quality, followed by good review,s and the hotel’s amenities.

• Chinese vacationers ranked hotel quality as the number one influencer in their choice of hotel.

We don’t all agree on what matters most.

• US vacationers value a free breakfast and complimentary Wi-Fi most when it comes to amenities, with satellite television, and a swimming pool following as preferred amenities numbers three and four.

• Chinese vacationers also ranked a free breakfast and complimentary Wi-Fi as their top two amenities, but then valued airport pick-up next and concierge service fourth.

Vacationers Agree More than They Disagree

While cultural differences were apparent in many of the survey’s findings, there were also many commonalities among vacationers regardless of their nationality or home country. Most importantly, travelers were united in their desire to achieve peace and tranquility during their holiday, with more than half of all travelers surveyed saying that the need for relaxation is the primary reason for taking a vacation.

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