The Timeshare Authority Blog Celebrates Anniversary

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(Here's what The Timeshare Authority blog looked like when we started.)

Bill Marriott, the man who spent 40 years as the CEO of Marriott, this week celebrated yet another milestone. His popular blog, Marriott on the Move, reached its five-year anniversary.

As he explains, “…when I started this blog I wasn’t sure what to expect. I love writing and sharing my thoughts with family, friends and talking to associates and customers. So I figured, well I guess so, why not? Through the years, it’s been a great outlet for me and I look forward to hearing from you every time I hit the “publish” button.”

Bill Marriott’s blog does more than inform readers about news and changes at Marriott, even though he does take on the company’s biggest topics and most newsworthy moments, both good, and bad. Marriott on the Move, also allows him to make his brand more personable, as he chats with readers about his dog, Murphy; his experiences becoming a student of Pilates; or the newest movie he’s seen or book on his bedside table.

The Timeshare Authority Blog

We started blogging at and Sell My Timeshare NOW almost eight years ago. Originally, we called our blog, The Timeshare Owners blog. And recognizing an anniversary of our own, we changed our name and overhauled our blog format on June11, 2008—that’s four years ago this week.

You can find most posts from The Timeshare Authority and the earlier The Timeshare Owners blog, archived on our site; there are more than 1800 blog posts we have written over the years. Frankly, there is a lot to say about timeshare. It’s a changing industry and an often misunderstood vacation product.

Timeshare is not right for everyone … but few things are. Yet, year in and year out, survey results of current timeshare owners show that more than 80 percent of owners use their timeshare and are satisfied with their ownership. And as high as 50 percent of purchases of new timeshare come from people who already own and want to own more. Clearly, there is a lot that timeshares and vacation ownership are doing right.

Here at The Timeshare Authority blog, we try to keep you updated on changes in timesharing as well as offering information about how timeshares, timeshare resales, and timeshare rentals work. It is important to us to both help those consumers for which timeshare is not a good fit make wise choices about ownership and to spread the word about a great vacation product to the millions of consumers who would love and enjoy timeshare vacations if only they knew more about them.

And while I have yet to write about our family’s dog, and I am more of a jogger than a Pilates guy, Bill Marriott’s insights remind me that the most important reason to blog, is because you want to share.  Thank you for being our reader and following us all these years.