and the Breakout of Our New Logo

Last spring we announced the addition of our new timeshare brokerage brand, And with all our excitement about how would fit into our family of services, we also knew that adding a brand and making the related changes is a big task to undertake.

We’ve recognized all along that it is the kind of transition that doesn’t happen overnight. Even our new website,, which we launched in May, continues to change, expand, and get better every day. Logo in Perspective Magazine

The ad you see in this blog post is scheduled to appear in upcoming issues of Perspective Magazine. The publication of this ad marks the first time you will see our new logo in place in our branded print communications.

A lot of ideas, talent, and energy went into our logo design and we are pleased with its vibrant colors and upbeat feel. After all, vibrant and upbeat is exactly the way everything about timeshares and vacation ownership should feel, whether you are planning a timeshare rental vacation or buying a timeshare resale. Providing Resale and Rental Resort Services

In addition to consumer services in which we help vacationers buy or rent timeshare, we continue to provide resale and rental resort services through our Owner Services Department. Owners Services includes customized resale and rental services for timeshare resorts, HOAs, timeshare management companies, and timeshare developers. Our services make it easier for resorts to address the specific timeshare resale and rental needs of their owners, to stabilize timeshare values, consolidate resale or rental inventory, and protect the pricing integrity of their vacation ownership product. And timeshare resorts with an owner who is looking to resell his or her timeshare, find that using our resort services helps keep that timeshare owner satisfied, engaged, and connected until the timeshare sells.

…You know what they say; the busiest people get the most done. Here at and we are extremely busy, and we’re getting a whole lot done!