The Dover House Resort Florida Timeshare Gets Green Makeover

The Dover House Resort TimesharesThe Dover House Resort is a Delray Beach, Florida timeshare that has just undergone a major makeover. The result is a fresh new look that also  happens to be more environmentally correct, thanks to The Refinishing Touch’s team of design and refinishing experts.

The Refinishing Touch is a known for providing environmentally safe, on-site furniture refinishing, on-site re-upholstery and on-site armoire modification. This refinishing and restorations is categorized as furniture asset management, and can involve refinishing, re-upholstering and armoire modification for hospitality, higher education, and government facilities. To accomplish this project on-site means reduced downtime for each timeshare condo, lower costs, and reduced impact on the environment, all of which creates direct and indirect savings for The Dover House timeshare owners.

This Florida Timeshare Is Serious About Going Green

At The Dover House timeshare condos, the refinishing and sustainability project includes new guest room furnishings, with updated wood colors and laminate replacements, including  armoires, headboards, dressers, nightstands, dining tables, and built-ins. By taking this eco-friendly approach to décor facelift, the Dover House has realized a savings of 90 percent in CO2 emissions as compared to buying new products. The project was accomplished using The Refinishing Touch’s unique onsite services, which include the use of non-toxic, non-flammable, low volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Robyn A. Rocco, community association manager for Landex Resorts International, of which The Dover House Resort is a part, says, “We wanted to partner with a furniture refinishing company that appreciated the need to be sustainable, time and cost-efficient. We also found the simplicity of working with one company that could provide all the expertise, materials, and services to be of benefit. The Refinishing Touch’s expert team worked with us to refinish and transform our timeshare condominium into a tropical oasis; making it more modern, sleek, and sustainable with the re-use and refinishing of our existing furniture.”

Other green efforts implemented at The Dover House Resort have included installation of new water-efficient plumbing fixtures; upgrades of all lighting to energy-efficient mercury vapor light bulbs; and the use of green-certified cleaning products. This Florida timeshare has established other longer-term sustainability goals which include solar heating for the outdoor pool, energy-efficient water heaters and heating/air conditioning systems in each timeshare condominium, and ambiance-lighting gauges.