Last Minute Vacation and Timeshare Rentals

Sell My Timeshare NOW Last Minute Rentals

Summer is winding down, too quickly for most of us. But by taking advantage of timeshare rentals, you can still squeeze in some last minute vacation getaways, even if you haven’t planned ahead.While many of the timeshare rentals at Sell My Timeshare NOW and may be available as a list minute deal, we set aside one section of last minute rentals that are close to their use date, that have owners who are anxious to rent, and on which we have all the processing ready to go
… even at the last minute.
You’ll find these last minute deals—although they are priced so low you might as well call them steals— by clicking here:
These last minute timeshare rentals are all 60 days or less from their use date. Prices on these rentals are up to 70 percent off. If they don’t rent, they become what the timeshare industry calls burn inventory… and everyone loses. When a timeshare rental goes unused the current owner misses out on the use of the rental himself but still has to pay annual maintenance fees for that unit. Worst of all, a great vacation rental is unused when you, your family, or your friends could be enjoying it.While these rentals are all for one week, if you can only take a day or two, make a pro-rated offer to on the timeshare. Remember, these are timeshare rentals that owners really want to rented, even if it is only a partial rental.

With last minute vacation and timeshare rentals all rental reservations are guaranteed. That means our company has researched what the timeshare owner is offering and confirmed its availability. When you rent a last minute timeshare rental, your reservation is guaranteed.

5 Tips for Last Minute Timeshare Rentals

  1. Check the inventory daily as new timeshare rentals are added all the time.
  2. When you find what you want, act immediately. These are hot properties, steal deals, and they won’t last long.
  3. Take advantage of the prices and be creative. Try a destination you wouldn’t normally try.
  4.  Consider a mini-vacation in a resort in your own area; it’s amazing how much you can relax in a great vacation rental, even if you haven’t traveled across the country to get there. In fact, sometimes, skipping the cost and time that travel requires makes your getaway even more relaxing.
  5. If all you find are rentals that are too big for your family, invite relatives or friends to come along and share the cost. If you only find rentals that are too small for your family, why not use these great prices to plan a couple’s getaway?