Top Timeshare Resales: A Closer Look

This week we released reports on our Top Timeshare Resales and Top Timeshare Rentals. These are the top 100 vacation ownership properties, advertised on our websites, which received the most offers to buy or rent. Better than a travel writer sharing his or her opinion about a resort, this look at timeshare resales shows which timeshare properties consumers are choosing to pursue as vacation ownership resales.

Top 100 Timeshare Resales
Top 100 Timeshare Resales

While we’ve been publishing our annual Top 100 timeshare resales report for more than five years, sometimes in the past it has felt as if the top ten resorts on the list reminded more or less the same. The ten most in-demand timeshare resales seemed often to be in a slightly different order from year to year, but basically the top 10 stayed at the top of the list. However this year’s list brought some interesting newcomers.

New Trends in Timeshare Resales

Appearing in the top ten timeshare resales for the first time ever are the Grand Timber Lodge in Breckenridge, Colorado and Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort, near Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Another interesting shake up to the top ten list was that unlike the list in past years, the 2012 top ten timeshare resale list was not dominated by beach properties. Instead, this year’s list included only two beach resorts among the top ten, with Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club (Aruba) ranking number 8 and Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas (California) ranking number 9.

Overall, the 2012 top 10 timeshare resales revealed the diversity of interests of today’s vacationers. With one Las Vegas timeshare, three Orlando timeshare resorts, one Colorado ski destination, one urban timeshare in Manhattan, one timeshare in the Great Smoky Mountain area, one in Aruba, one in California, and one multi-destination vacation club, it’s clear that there is are timeshare resales to suit almost any type of vacation you prefer. Yet as unique and distinctive as all of the top ten timeshare resale properties are, they all have one very important fact in common. Timeshare resales are the best deal available on spacious, amenity-loaded, resort vacations that you and your family will love.

We invite you to view the full list of our most in-demand timeshare resales. 2012 Top 100 Timeshare Resales list).

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