Can You Answer these Questions about Disney Vacation Club Timeshare?

How Much Do You Know About Disney Vacation Club Timeshare
How Much Do You Know About Disney Vacation Club Timeshare

How much do you know about the vacation resort options with Disney timeshare? Do you know, for example, that not all Disney Vacation Club timeshares are located at a theme park? Or that each Disney timeshare resort is designed with its own themed personality that makes it unique among all the other DVC timeshare resorts?

Disney Vacation Club timeshare currently offers eleven beautiful, fun, and totally Disney-distinctive timeshare resorts, and there are more DVC resorts opening soon. Because each Disney timeshare resort has its own features and own personality, a DVC member can choose vacations that are totally Disney, yet are distinct vacation experiences depending upon the resort they select.

Maybe you are already a Disney Vacation Club timeshare member. Maybe you are thinking about the opportunities and vacation fun DVC membership can mean for you and your family … or perhaps you are a full-fledged Disney-guru. Whatever your knowledge of Disney, see if you know the answer to these DVC questions:

1.  How many Disney Vacation Club resorts are located at destinations where there is NOT a Disney theme park, and which resorts are they?

The answer is 3.  Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort is a classic resort in the popular coastal vacation destination of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas, is the newest resort in the DVC family and is located in Ko Olina, Hawaii. And Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is a little over a one-hour drive from Orlando’s Disney World Park, but is definitely located beachside on the Atlantic Ocean.

2.  Okay, let’s try an easy one. Which Disney Vacation Club timeshare offers some units from which you can view the wild beasts of Africa from your timeshare’s balcony?

That would, of course, be Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas, in Orlando, Florida, where some timeshare units afford you a view of the animal grazing area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park.

3. At which Disney Vacation Club Resort can you sleep in a modern-day tree house?

Surprise! Although Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa has all the charm and luxury of an 1800’s resort and spa, another option for DVC owners there is vacationing in Disney’s Treehouse Villas, which offer elevated villas with rustic but luxurious ammenities in a serene, wooded glade.

4. We identified in the first question, which Disney Vacation Club resort destinations are located on beautiful beaches (Disney’s Hilton Head Island; Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas; and Disney’s Vero Beach Resort). If those are all beach destinations, where will you find Disney’s Beach Club Villas?

Disney’s Beach Club Villas offer the styling of a 1900’s Mid-Atlantic coastal home, but are an easy walk to Epcot theme park, within the Disney World Resort destination in Orlando.

5.  Which DVC resort has the ambiance and style of a classic National Park resort?

Ahh, trick question! The answer is the Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, located near Disneyland California’s newest attraction, the Disney California Adventure Park. But the correct answer is also the Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, where despite the fact that you are vacationing in Orlando, you will have the feeling of being in a rustic lodge in the Great Northwest.

6.  Now, last question, and this one is an important one. Where will you find the best values in becoming a Disney Vacation Club member or renting a DVC timeshare for your next getaway?

Easy answer: When you buy or rent DVC timeshare points through a current DVC owner, you enjoy all the fun and luxuries of a Disney timeshare vacation, along with most of the benefits of DVC membership, yet you will have saved thousands of dollars on each vacation. Explore your options and your savings with Sell My Timeshare NOW and, so that you can start enjoying all the fun and magic of Disney timeshare at a price you can easily afford.