$6 Million to Timeshare Company, Vacation Ownership Sales for Expansion

$6 Million to Timeshare Company Vacation Ownership Sales for Expansion and Development
Colebrook Financial, boutique lender to timeshare companies and vacation ownership industry.

Timeshare resort industry lenders, Colebrook Financial Company will underwrite the receivables of Vacation Ownership Sales, Inc., the development and sales company affiliated with the points-based vacation club, Vacation Internationale (VI). With more than 33,000 Owners, Vacation Internationale describes itself as the largest Owner controlled timeshare and vacation ownership company in the world.

The $6 million receivables hypothecation loan will be used by Vacation Ownership Sales, Inc. (VOS) to fund its ongoing expansion in the US, Canada, and Mexico. As most people in the timeshare industry know, in May 2012, Aviawest Resort Club (ARC) merged with Vacation Internationale.

Stuart Allen, Vacation Ownership Sales President, says, “VOS is very appreciative of its financial relationship with Colebrook. This association dates back to 2005, when VOS was founded to foster growth for VI. Colebrook and its principals have aided VOS and VI immeasurably by their support of VI’s strategic plan. We look forward to more transactions like this in the future.”

Colebrook Financial Company, which is a boutique lender specializing in the timeshare and shared ownership industry, voiced enthusiasm as well. Says Colebrook Senior Partner Bill Ryczek, “We’ve been delighted to work with Stu and his partner Mike Vasey. Vacation Internationale practically invented the points-based model that is so prevalent in the timeshare industry today, and the fact that the club continues to thrive is a testament to the quality of the product and the soundness of the management. Stu and Mike are a great combination of administrative and marketing talent who complement each other well.”

Colebrook Financial Company provides financing for timeshare and vacation ownership resort developers in Mexico, the United States, and the Caribbean.