Who Will Buy Your Florida Timeshare Resale

Who will buy your Florida timeshare resale?
Who will buy your Florida timeshare resale?

With more Florida timeshare resorts and more Florida timeshare units than there are timeshares in any other state, it is no surprise that there are also more timeshare resales available in Florida than there are in any other US state. At SellMyTimeshareNOW.com, for example, we show over 10,000 Florida timeshare resale units or points based timeshare ownership available for resale in our inventory. To put this in perspective, our inventory includes some 8700 South Carolina timeshare resales; 2500 Nevada timeshare resales and a little over 1800 California timeshare resales—the three other top US timeshare destinations.

So with a market this stocked with resale properties, if you are a Florida timeshare owner seeking to sell your timeshare, it makes sense that you would wonder, “Who will buy my Florida timeshare?

Good question … to which there are also good answers.

While there are already a large number of timeshare resales and timeshare rentals available in Florida, developers continue to expand Florida timeshare properties, reflecting the fact that demand remains strong for vacation ownership in the sunshine state.

Tourism may have dipped during the recent recessionary years, but it is always a factor in Florida’s economy. For example, South Florida continues to see record numbers of travelers. In 2012, Broward County, Florida (the county just north of downtown Miami) welcomed 12 million visitors, who spent nearly $10 billion, marking a 9 percent increase in tourism numbers from the previous year.

Florida also benefits from international tourism more than almost any other US venue, with New York City and Florida always in competition for the top spot in that category. And depending upon how the US economy fares in 2013, the millions of international tourists that visit Florida each year could be more important than ever for the tourism industry.

JetBlue and Spirit airlines have added additional service to Fort Lauderdale from Latin America and the Caribbean. American Airlines is expanding its already strong service to Latin America, including adding more service cities in Brazil, with is the number one country for international tourists to Florida.

Nicki Grossman, president of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau, observes, “I think international arrivals will be the main driver for growth in 2013 because of new flights to South Florida. And the U.S. dollar remains cheap compared to other currencies, which makes it easier for visitors to come here and to buy when they’re here.”

If you own Florida timeshare, and you are eager to sell, no company can guarantee you a buyer; in the same way your residential real estate agent cannot guarantee you that he or she can sell your home. But the news remains positive that buyers, both from the US and internationally, are interested in Florida timeshare resales, which is certainly an essential component of getting your Florida timeshare sold.