5 of the Worst Vacation Resorts

Budget hotels are not vacation resorts
Budget hotels are not vacation resorts

First, let’s clarify, that the properties we’ve written about really don’t qualify as vacation resorts. They are more like stopovers along the route. Yet many of these hotel or motel accommodations are located at vacation destinations and every year, people get drawn into the idea that they will save money on their vacation by down-scaling their choice of accommodations.

We didn’t come up with this list. It’s based on research from Consumer Reports , J.D. Power’s survey, TripAdvisor, and other sources. The full list includes 10 of the worst hotel or motel accommodations in America and can be found –along with photos – on The Fiscal Times website. In an article titled, “The 10 Worst Hotels and Motels in America,” you’ll even find photos, if you’re interested in looking at shots, of dirt, mold, and insect infestations.

Here’s our summary of the Top 5 Worst Vacation Resorts:

  • America’s Best Value Inn made the top of the list (or should we say, the bottom) based on receiving the lowest score in Consumer Reports and one of the lowest in J.D. Power’s survey.
  • Econo Lodge also received very low scores in upkeep, value, and below-satisfactory scores in comfort and service. Last year, Econo Lodge also made TripAdvisor’s “America’s Dirtiest Hotels” list. 
  • Motel 6 received bad reviews in the categories of upkeep and comfort.
  • Days Inn also got some of the worst scores in the review based on “value” which it seems is one category where the resort should excel.
  • And our own addition to the list, ANY hotel or motel where you and your family paid as much (or more) money for cramped accommodations as you could have paid to stay in a spacious timeshare resort.

Timeshare resorts are designed and built for vacation fun and relaxation. They were meant to offer you home away from home comforts like multiple bedrooms and baths,  multiple TVs (so you don’t have to watch what the kids are watching), kitchens, dining areas, washers and dryers … all those details that make your vacation easier to enjoy. And timeshare rentals, in most cases, are priced below comparable hotel accommodations, and certainly below the cost of renting multiple hotel rooms if you have a larger family.

For more insights on the differences, look at this information that compares the features and amenities of timeshare vacation resorts vs. those available in most hotels — even clean, well-maintained hotels and motels.