Timeshare Exchange Company Dial An Exchange Exceeds Projections


Dial An Exchange Timeshare Exchange
Dial An Exchange Timeshare Exchange

Dial An Exchange (DAE), a leading timeshare exchange provider, has announced that the company saw substantial growth in 2012 its in Australian and global operations. Since its founding in Australia in 1997, Dial An Exchange timeshare exchange is still Australian-owned but has a global presence, providing timeshare exchange services to timeshare and shared holiday resorts and vacation owners worldwide.

Among Australia timeshare owners and New Zealand owners, the DAE experienced an increase in Domestic Exchange of 21 percent. International timeshare exchanges for this group were up 53 percent. DAE is notable in timeshare exchange for its free membership option, meaning that you can join the exchange for no enrollment fee and you can even be a member of DAE timeshare exchange and still maintain membership in other exchange companies. But DAE also offers its premium Gold Advantage membership, a paid membership level with additional befits that continues to gain in popularity. Enrollment in the DEA Gold Advantage membership was up 79 percent in 2012, with a 97 percent member renewal rate.

Within the company’s core businesses, it saw a 22 percent increase in timeshare exchanges compared to 2011 and resort rentals and the daeOptions Program rentals up 37 percent.

DAE Chief Executive Officer Francis Taylor explains, “These are outstanding numbers and represent the dedication that we put into every touch point we have with our members around the world. We have worked hard to expand our programs and offer the type of travel options that today’s holiday-makers are looking for when planning their next vacation.”

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