Whistler Vacation Club Upgrades with SPI Software

Whistler Vacation Club at Twin Peaks
Whistler Vacation Club at Twin Peaks

The beautiful Whistler Vacation Club timeshares, located in British Columbia, Canada, have upgraded its systems with SPI Software.

Marlene Scott, Whistler Vacation Club’s Executive Director/General Manager, says, “SPI is our daily ‘go-to’ for all member information, reservations, reservation history, financial transactions, inventory management, inventory ceding, industry partner inventory allocation and all in real time. Reservation confirmation letters are generated from SPI, pre-arrival letters and check-in information are ready at the front desk at check-in time.

Clearly Whistler Vacation Club timeshare owners and guests benefit from the resort’s use of the efficient, responsive software systems, which is bound to make vacationing at either the Whistler Vacation Club Twin Peaks Resort or its Lake Placid Resort easier to book and enjoy than ever. But the benefits of using SPI’s proprietary Owner Connect application, go beyond the user experience that timeshare owners perceive firsthand. As Marlene Scott explains, “On the management side, we rely on SPI’s system to generate Revenue Reports to set our annual budgets and to handle the billing of annual maintenance dues for each member to be emailed (we’re a paperless club). SPI allows us to generate Quarterly Occupancy Reports, which are a valuable tool in determining our occupancy rate and measuring our rental performance. Our accounting department utilizes the Transaction Reports to ensure our member financial information is accurate. SPI allows ‘real time’ access to owner information and an online presence allowing owners to conduct business when it suits them, not just when our office doors are open.”

Marlene adds, “By moving in this direction, we will have improved our efficiency from a five-step, manual process to our members facilitating the entire transaction themselves. Our team can now focus on ways to improve the member’s experience, resulting in higher retention and lower bad debt. The net result equals happy members/owners!”

In addition to the easy, seamless online interface that makes happy owners at Whistler Vacation Club, (Twin Peaks and Lake Placid)  each of the two year-round resorts offer spacious two-bedroom, two-bathroom (approx. 1000 sq. ft.) condos with fully-equipped kitchens, full-sized washer/dryers, secure heated underground parking, complimentary HD cable and Wi-Fi Internet.