LLC is Hiring LLC says, “We are hiring!” In today’s economy and business world there is no better message to be sharing.

The words, “we’re hiring at LLC” are positive for our company, positive for both current timeshare owners and future timeshare buyers and renters, and extremely positive for the individuals who will join our team.

You may not have heard yet, but we’ve recently relocated our New Hampshire offices into a bright, new, high-tech enabled space that was purpose built for us in Exeter, New Hampshire. Our client base is growing, our services are expanding and with it, our need for better office space, that was customized to our needs was also a top priority. But growing demand means we need more talented, hard working individuals to become part of our sales staff.

What does it take to become a Sales Consultant at LLC?

Let’s start with integrity, a passion to work hard and deliver high quality, reliable services, and a desire to work where your income is based on your success and hard work.

Ask yourself if you are a proven closer or have the desire to prove that you can be. Consider whether you are ready to be challenged, work in a high-energy, fun environment, and if you are ready to finally start earning the kind of money that could really make a difference in your life and that of your family.

If this sounds like you, then we encourage you to watch the video and then email your resume to us. Today  —  yes, today! Because although we have a number of spots to fill, they won’t be open long. Someone else who is motivated to earn more will be in line ahead of you if you procrastinate.

Watch the video. Email your resume to [email protected] and then start making your plans for a better future and better paydays ahead.