More News on Breckenridge Grand Vacations New Timeshare Resort

Skiers anticipate the new Breckenridge Grand Vacations resort

Skiers anticipate the new Breckenridge Grand Vacations resort

Want to know more about the exciting, new development by Breckenridge Grand Vacations on Peak 8, that we told you about on Thursday? (See: Green Light for Breckenridge Grand Vacations Expansion at Peak 8) As many readers have shared with us, the fabulous amenities and design of the existing Breckenridge Grand Vacations timeshare properties set the bar high for this newest development to be yet another outstanding vacation ownership ski resort.

The new resort will include a five-story building that will be home to 75 timeshare units, an aquatics area, spa, café and multiple movie theaters. There will also be tributes to the Bergenhof day lodge, a historic restaurant that operated for some fifty years at this location. The landmark will be demolished, but the new Breckenridge Grand Vacations property will honor the memory of the lodge and what it once represented to the community. The $80 million construction project will also give preference to hiring local subcontractors in the Breckenridge, Colorado area.

What else does a timeshare resort project like this Breckenridge Grand Vacations resort mean to the community?

  • The new timeshare resort is anticipated to protect some 130 jobs that are to be phased out in the next six to eight years as the existing Grand Lodge on Peak 7 approaches sellout.
  • Besides protecting existing employment, the new lodge is anticipated to bring some 100 additional jobs to the local community.
  • The project will also generate approximately $2.5 to $3 million in town revenues through real estate transfer tax.

Excavation will begin in May of 2013 with sales projected to begin in the fall of 2014.  Breckenridge Grand Vacations co-owner Rob Millisor says, “We’ll do the major utility work and dirt work this summer. Then next April (2014) is when we’ll start putting in the footers and then we’ll go vertical.”

It clearly looks like another great resort in the BGV family of properties will soon be underway, which is great news for current Breckenridge Grand Vacations owners, future timeshare buyers, the vacation ownership industry, and the community of Breckenridge, Colorado.