Travel To Go Vacation Club Provider Using Surprising Technology (Part 1)

When you think about fresh new approaches in communications technology, radio may not be the first platform that comes to mind. But radio is exactly the technology Travel To Go, one of America’s largest providers of travel services and vacation club products, is putting to work to better educate vacationers about timeshare, vacation ownership, and vacation club products.

And why not? Radio may have been around awhile, but it still has a powerful and pervasive  outreach. One in four people in the US today listen to the radio throughout their work day and nearly 100 percent of all drivers listen to the radio for at least a portion of the time they are in their vehicle. Now multiply the impact of radio by the capability to make a live radio show “everlasting” simply by publishing your recordings to the web. Suddenly, it makes sense that Travel To Go, always an innovator in the delivery of travel services and vacation club products, is hitting the airwaves and taking advantage of radio’s extensive online reach to help educate and share the real message of vacation clubs and how they differ from the traditional timeshare product.

A Chance for Consumers to Truly Understand the Vacation Club Product

The Travel To Go radio shows, which began airing last week, feature Tommy Middaugh, the company’s Executive Vice President and will also include representatives of some of the company’s many distributors and industry partners. Middaugh uses the broadcasts to examine and address the impact the challenging economy has had on the public’s vacation patterns and vacation budget decisions. Specifically Middaugh looks to explain the many ways the travel and vacation ownership industries are responding to the needs and choices of today’s consumer. 

Utilizing the intimate, conversational format of radio, the radio broadcasts become a powerful way to take the vacation club message directly to the consumer. Travel To Go can now easily share information about amazing values available in the travel marketplace — vacation products that Middaugh describes as, “hidden gems …  resorts  that aren’t available through the public networks (the online travel agencies that travelers are accustomed to using) and where we can get consumers values up to 70 to 75 percent off.” 

Describing radio as an engaging medium, Middaugh says, “We’re building product knowledge with the consumer, bringing transparency to the industry, and building credibility. And we are taking it to the next level with video podcasts of these segments.”

The video segments are available on the Travel To Go YouTube Channel ( Travel To Go,  always an “out-of-the-box” travel solutions provider, will also be going live from this year’s American Resort Development Association convention, ARDA World 2013.

Tomorrow, The Timeshare Authority blog will feature, Part II in this series, when Tommy Middaugh will be our guest writer, sharing more of his insights about the hands on approach Travel To Go is taking to communicate the message of the vacation club product in a changing industry.