Apologies from the Timeshare Authority Blog

If you attempted to visit The Timeshare Authority blog on March 13, 2013, you may have been blocked by a threatening message that warned of malware on the site. There was no malware on this website.

Please be assured that your computer or other electronic device was never at risk. The warning was triggered only because one of the applications our blog accesses had failed to update. All updates are now in place.

Again, your system was not, and is never, at risk by visiting The Timeshare Authority blog. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or concern you may have had and we thank you for being our reader here on the blog. The Timeshare Authority is your safe, reliable resource for news about shared and vacation ownership and other timeshare vacation products including by owner and brokerage timeshare, fractionals, and timeshare rentals.