LLC Points Out that a Vacation Can be a Matter of Life or Death plan your vacation
Plan a vacation and then TAKE that vacation.

In an article titled “Take Your Vacation or Die,” (, July 15, 2012) author and attorney Dean Obeidallah, leads with the following provocative thought:

“I guess you want to have a heart attack?” That is the question you should ask yourself every time you put off taking a vacation.”

Here are a only a few of the eye-opening facts about the importance of taking the leisure time your mind and body need:

  • Males, who are already at risk for coronary disease, increase their risk of dying from a heart attack by 32 percent when they fail to take an annual vacation.
  • Women who do not vacation annually are almost 8 times more likely to develop coronary heart disease or have a heart attack than are women who vacation at least twice a year.
  • One in four Americans does not take ANY VACATION AT ALL.

The Spring Equinox has arrived early; Easter weekend is at hand. Mother Earth is in a time of regeneration and rebirth and all of us should take a clue and rethink our lives.

Plan a escape or getaway, whether it is a long weekend or a month-long holiday. Schedule your life so that you spend more time with those you love. Relax. Stop thinking about your boss, your job, your clients, and your responsibilities. Not only will you likely live longer because of it, you will surely live better.

Celebrate Good Friday, a Great Life, and Amazing Vacations ahead. Happy Easter Weekend from Sell My Timeshare NOW and