Happy Easter from VacationOwnership.com LLC

Spring is coming... VacationOwnership.com and Sell My Timeshare NOW
Spring is at hand… Happy Easter from VacationOwnership.com and Sell My Timeshare NOW

On this special Spring weekend, VacationOwnership.com LLC wishes you and your family a happy, blessed Easter Holiday. Whether you celebrate the traditions of Easter Sunday with church, chocolate eggs, or as a time to come together as a family, remember to take time for yourself in a way that is rewarding and meaningful to you.

Each year, hard working families leave vacation time untouched. They let the leisure they have earned, deserve, and need slip away unused. American workers are some of the worst about this. One survey by Harris Interactive Inc. found that in 2012, Americans left an average of 9.2 days of vacation unused, a number which is up from the average of 6.2 days in 2011. And the result of all this overwork can’t be a good thing.In the US alone, stress has reached epidemic proportions. Yielding a $400 billion loss in annual productivity, stress hurts individuals, families, and employers. One estimate shows that 75 percent of all primary care office visits by adults are due to stress related conditions–which in many cases can lead to further, more complicated medical problems, and potential loss of income, loss of health, and even loss of life.

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Where ever you are, whether Spring is in full bloom, or is evidenced only by a budding crocus or daffodil pushing its way through the snow, the season of renewal is at hand. Like a New Year’s resolution you write on Easter Sunday morning, take time today and make a plan. Make a commitment to more time shared with those you love and more time dedicated just for yourself. Take your vacation time, your personal leave days, and all the holidays your employer allows — when you do, you come back to the job more relaxed, healthier, and a more creative and productive employee. You put more life in your days and perhaps even more days in your life.With the opportunities in timeshare resales, timeshare rentals, and secondary market vacation ownership, vacations are more affordable than ever and easier to schedule than you might imagine. But enjoying more holiday and vacation time starts with you. Just do it… bite the ears off a chocolate bunny and pick a vacation destination; we’ll help you make it happen.

From all of us at Sell My Timeshare NOW and VacationOwnership.com, “Happy Easter!”