Planning a Timeshare Vacation? What to Do if Your Luggage is Lost

If you have never experienced the frustration of lost luggage, consider yourself lucky. While the suitcase that fails to follow you home is frustrating, the one that fails to arrive at your intended destination is often even more annoying. Who wants to reach their business trip, romantic getaway, or family timeshare vacation minus the clothing and personal items packed for the trip?

Lost luggage can turn your timeshare vacation or any other travels upside down, causing inconvenience, unplanned costs in replacing lost items, and some very un-vacation like stress. Here are some great insights from our friends at Airport Lost and Found, a worldwide lost and found database.

The Woes Of Airport Lost And Found

Millions of bags are lost or mishandled every year. Because of the headache it causes, many frequent flyers try to fit all of their belongings into their carry-ons whenever possible. Even the most well-known and trusted airport, such as DFW and JFK, lose hundreds of bags a year.

Bags are lost for a variety of reasons. Among the most common causes are bag-tag mix-up and mistake identity. Over half of misplaced bags happen to passengers with connecting flight, especially in cases where there are short layovers. Passengers are encouraged to be part of the solution by making sure proper contact information is on their luggage. Some even suggest tying a brightly colored bow or ribbon to luggage to make it stand out. This can make finding it at the baggage claim much easier and reduces the chance someone else will take the wrong bag accidentally.

In addition to lost checked-baggage, there are many individuals items people lose at the airport. Some items are lost throughout the airport others are left behind on plane seats. When returned to terminal employees, they are stored in airport lost and found areas, often right with unclaimed and lost bags.

In the case of missing items, it is best to take immediate action. Find an employee and report your problem, providing as much detail as possible on the missing items. Additionally, here at,  we can help you locate your missing articles. On our site you can file a lost property claim or search our listing of found items. Individuals can also post items they have found. We work with a large number of airports to get your items back to you in a timely manner. Most large American airports are included in our database including Atlanta, Newark, Denver, San Francisco, Miami, Minneapolis, Ronald Reagan National Washington, Detroit and Chicago.

Check out our infographic for some helpful information on lost baggage and then feel free to explore the rest of our website.

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