More Signs of Timeshare Vacation Bounce Back as Vacation Storebuilder Ramps Up

Vacation Storebuilder ramps up for timeshare vacation bounce back.
Vacation Storebuilder ramps up for the timeshare vacation bounce back.

Timeshare owners, vacationers, and other travelers don’t always think about the technology that makes their timeshare vacation experiences flow…  and they shouldn’t have to. When technology works best, it is seamless and invisible. And because of this, companies such as Vacation Storebuilder, don’t always get the recognition they deserve. Yet in so many critical ways, the infrastructure of technology Vacation Storebuilder and others provide is what keeps timeshare vacations and the timeshare industry humming. As the industry bounces back, Vacation Storebuilder is ready, ramping up, to better serve the growing needs of vacation ownership.

Vacation Storebuilder, the provider of a Software-as-a-Service ecommerce platform for the vacation rental industry, is in growth mode, announcing the addition of Mike Montemurro to its leadership team as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Sunil Aluvila, President and Chief Executive Officer at Vacation Storebuilder, says, “Mike is a hospitality reservations and distribution technology veteran. His breadth and depth of experience working in the consumer travel and ecommerce space will be invaluable as we keep pace with market demand and deliver our next set of products to market. We have generated a tremendous amount of momentum with our platform, and Mike is best equipped to help scale our business as we expand market coverage and enhance functionality.”

Vacation Storebuilder deploys and manages branded webstores for vacation rental properties by automating digital marketing and increasing web bookings, for systems used by both individual owners and property management companies.

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