5 Lessons to Learn Before Your Disney Timeshare Vacation

Bay Lake Tower Disney Timeshare
Bay Lake Tower Disney Timeshare, one of the many great choices for DVC timeshare owners

The Disney theme parks provide some of the most magical vacations you and your family can enjoy. And nothing makes them easier to experience than owning Disney timeshare as a member of the Disney Vacations Club. You are always vacationing in spacious and charming surroundings and you are always at the most convenient location possible for enjoying your time in the Disney parks. There are even special perks for guests and Disney timeshare owners staying at a Disney resort, in the form of “Extra Magic Hours” when the Disney parks are open just for you. (See: Disney calendars for more information on when you can enjoy extended hours in the parks.)

  1. Consider throwing your cell phone charger or a portable battery charger in your purse or backpack; and at the very least start days in the theme parks with a fully charged phone battery. Your cell phone or smart device is your go-to for taking lots of photos; using special park apps to stay on top of show times and other park information; and your way of connecting with members of your party should you be separated.
  2. Of all the items you photograph, start first with your children. Snap a shot of your little ones as you enter the theme park. Should your children be separated from you, you’ll find it easy to show the Disney staff what your child looks like and what he or she is wearing.
  3. Zip closure plastic bags can be all you need to ensure that items in your pockets or bags, such as wallets, tickets, cameras, or phones stay dry during rides that involve splashes and the potential to get wet. Just because you didn’t get drenched on a ride the last time you visited a Disney park, doesn’t mean this won’t be your “lucky day.”
  4. Don’t show up in heels, flip-flops, or other shoes not designed for lots of walking. Backless shoes can all too easily be lost on some of the best park rides, such as Epcot’s Soarin’.
  5. And lastly, remember that one of the reasons you bought a Disney timeshare was so that you and your family don’t have to “do it all at once.” Take breaks and return to your timeshare during the day. Grab lunch, a nap, or even a fresh pair of shoes and reorganize yourself for your next park jaunt. When you own your own little piece of Disney, you can pace yourself and enjoy it leisurely, knowing there is magic to be savored for years to come.

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