Summer Bay Resorts Timeshare Through the Eyes of an Owner

Bruce Carnohan
Bruce Carnohan has owned his Summer Bay Resorts timeshare longer than he has been a US Citizen.

Bruce Carnohan of Dallas, Texas has been a Summer Bay Resorts timeshare owner longer than he’s been a US Citizen. Born in England, Bruce has worked during much of his professional career in the United States and Dallas, Texas has come to feel so much like home that just over a year ago, Bruce became a naturalized US Citizen. But Bruce has been vacationing at Summer Bay Resorts timeshare in Orlando, Florida for more than a decade. In 1999, shortly after his sister and brother in-law became owners at the resort, Bruce also bought a timeshare there.  Over the years, he has vacationed at his Summer Bay Resorts timeshare with family members, friends, and even on solo vacations.

Summer Bay Resorts timeshare Orlando
So much to do at Summer Bay Resorts timeshare, whether you visit the attractions or just hang out at the resort.

Bruce explains, “One of the remarkable things about Summer Bay Resorts timeshare is that you can be as active and involved as you like or you can enjoy the quiet time of a retreat getaway. The property is conveniently close to all the attractions, restaurants, and theme parks of Orlando but if you just want to go and stay on the campus, you can have a fabulous vacation that way, too—I know, I have done it both ways!”

Summer Bay Resorts in Orlando, is actually, not even in Orlando, but instead is located slightly off the beaten path to give it a Clermont, Florida address. But don’t let that fool you into thinking this is anything other than an Orlando vacation destination resort, located only a short ride via Summer Bay’s complimentary shuttle to all of the Walt Disney World® excitement, including being especially convenient to Epcot and Downtown Disney. At the same time, this Summer Bay Resorts timeshare offers a massive lakeside resort property, along with many smaller lakes scattered throughout the resort. Relax at one of the swimming pools, soak in a crystal clean hot tub, visit the tiki bar, grill on an outdoor bar-b-que or just snooze a lazy day away in the shade of the rustling palms.

Bruce tells great stories about his years of ownership at Summer Bay Resorts. He points out that when he has vacationed alone, the staff seemed to give him extra attention, remembering his preferences and making him feel that he was part of all the activities and fun. His trips to his Summer Bay Resorts timeshare have resulted in friendships that he’s maintained over the years, with new acquaintances he’s made while vacationing there who have over time become cherished friends.

Summer Bay Resorts Orlando, Florida
Summer Bay Resorts Orlando, Florida. See Ad: 1521636

Twice during his ownership, he has taken advantage of the flexibility of timeshare exchange, using his timeshare as a way to enjoy vacations at other destinations. And more than once, during years he could not use his timeshare, Bruce has offered it to a silent auction for charity, enabling another family to enjoy it while being able to validly claim it as a tax deductible donation himself.

Timeshare, no matter where you own, can be one of the easiest ways to plan and enjoy a great vacation. But if your life changes, as it has for Bruce and your ownership is no longer a good fit for you, then it is time to turn your vacation ownership into a timeshare resale.

Bruce’s Summer Bay Resorts timeshare can be found on the Sell My Timeshare NOW website as ad number:  1521636. He has deeded ownership of Week 36 in a three-bedroom timeshare lockout, which includes, three baths, and sleeps up to 12 people. Most often he has used it as a double lock out which allows him to split his usage into two full weeks annually.

“What a wonderful way for a couple or family to vacation,” says Bruce, but I often think that the real deal would be for a company to purchase the unit and use it as a corporate incentive. Once their first employee vacationed there and came back to work and shared what a fabulous resort it is, everyone else in the company would be clamoring to earn the right to vacation there next.”

We write a lot about the timeshare and vacation ownership properties available through Sell My Timeshare NOW and, but truly, no one can share the story better than does the owner who has used the timeshare and loved it and now is ready to pass it along at a great price to a new owner.