The 2013 Timeshare Demand Index from

2013 Timeshare Demand Index (TDI)
2013 Timeshare Demand Index (TDI),       click to view

What’s the real market value of a timeshare resale or timeshare rental? Market value for any product is not established by what the original owner paid for the product. Neither is the market value of timeshare resales and rentals established by a value that a timeshare developer or Home Owners Association sets. Instead, market value of any product, whether it vacation ownership or a pre-owned car or an antique armoire, is determined entirely why the amount of money the buying consumer is willing to pay to purchase the product on the secondary market. As an accurate of indicator of demand for timeshare resales, has just released the 2013 Timeshare Demand Index. (TDI)

Just released today, in time for summer’s busiest vacation week, the 2013 Timeshare Demand Index shows the top 100 most in-demand timeshare resales and timeshare rentals based on the number of offers to buy or rent received through the company’s websites over the past year. The report is freely available to anyone—owner, timeshare industry professional, or prospective timeshare seller, renter, or buyer—who is interested in knowing which timeshare resorts consumers want to visit or own, based on the number of offers placed through our company to buy or rent timeshare at that property.

Please check this out for yourself. You can view or download the 2013 Timeshare Demand Index here: If you are familiar with timeshares and vacation ownership, you may be able to guess many of the properties that made the top ten most in-demand list this year, but we will bet there’s at least one resort that placed in the top ten that will surprise you.

What is no surprise is that Marriott Vacation Club timeshare resales again, figure prominently on the top ten list of most in-demand timeshare resales and rentals or that six of the top ten timeshare resorts on the Timeshare Demand Index are at the beach. (And the other four aren’t far from the beach). Also, making the top ten on the 2013 Timeshare Demand Index for the fifth consecutive year is the Holiday Inn Club Vacation Resort at Orange Lake Resort in Kissimmee (Orlando), Florida.

We invite you to take a look at the full list. And to check in here on The Timeshare Authority blog in upcoming posts where we will look more closely at the information the 2013 Timeshare Demand Index reveals and the popular resorts that made the list.